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  *My Amazon Author’s Page* Master The Keys to Wealth Creation and Financial Freedom Passive Income Streams: There are said to be essentially three main types of income. Portfolio income, earned income, and passive/ residual income. One of the keys to becoming rich and creating wealth is to understand how to generate income from these

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I Finally Got My First Poetry Book Up On Kindle! My Amazon Author’s Page Here It is My First Kindle Book: Author- Self Publishing Poet ~Donald Beres Jr. The Collective Works of Sinbad the Sailor Man: Book I “Breakfast Sandwiches” by Donald Beres Jr (Author) Be the first to review this item A collection of some of

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Well Its that time of the year again! I have thrown up some of the Post from my other Blogs. This One is from my Blogger blog. “Insane Health and Wealth Opportunities” And I took it from about Aug. 2015 postings I believe I had posted a few posts that month about Marketing and getting

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This is a Duplicate from today’s Poetry Writes & Stuff from Sinbad the Sailor Man ‘s Blog. Find a Mentor or an Associate to Learn With and From Masterminds/ Small Clicks in Time! Time Well Served! Masterminds/ Small Clicks in Time. The Pieces are Just now starting to fall into place. Are you ready to

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                                  Well I have Posted a lot of new material at most of my Blogger Blogs and I am trying to straighten Up that old treasure map of mine. At the same time. I have been trying to schedule

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  Hey All How You Doing? Me I am Doing It Again! I Mean Blogging! Some people are just animals. I am starting to post again and I am still trying to earn a living with my computer. I have started a new Venture about a week ago. I am now Buying and Selling Domain

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Hey All I am Still Here! Just Because You Don’t See Me Doesn’t Mean That I Ain’t Well 2013 was a rough a very rough year for me and for PW&OSfStSM. I was Broke most of the year do to a loss in Court, on a back Child Support Issue and then when I got

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O2 Stabilized Oxygen Drops

Watch the Short Video then Call our Call Center 801-987-9473 pin N5256 12-9pm EST M-F 12-5pm EST Sat. or fill out the form below and I will call you back ASAP.
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